Automatic Warehouse

Automatic warehouses to store material: the company core.

In 2004, Tau Metalli decides to twist the internal dealing of the storehouse buying two automatic Warehouses for material storage.

Basically, it is no longer the worker who looks for the material inside the warehouse to prepare the order but a computerized system that searches and hands out the material requested.

The first warehouse is composed of about 2,000 containers to transport 1,500 kg each one. They carry every kind of sheet, round, flat, square, hexagon, tubular, standard profile, etc
The second one is structurally different, it hasn’t got a container but store cells for pallets from different measures up to 2,000 x 4,000 mm, it functions in the same way than the other but it is devoted to sheets and slabs.

We guarantee

Due to the computerized system Tau Metalli can provide at any moment availability, origin, chemical physical and mechanical characteristics as well as the dimensions of every single piece.
The automatic system has in fact eliminated the possibility of error, the computerized bays are constantly linked to the commercial and administrative areas, producing and transmitting full data automatically. Therefore as the movement of the material and the raise of electronic weight is reduced to a minimum, employees are able to work easily and guarantee the client error free data

Main motives of this important investment.

The advantages of the system regarding the traditional one are the following:


It reduces handling of personnel when complex movements of the material are required and also the movement itself (compared to manual overlap storage ), the marking of the area adequately supplied with to handle the material, and the existence of practically no operations involving fork lifts or similar, increasing the conditions for the employees’ safety.


Importance of the volumetric efficiency. As these warehouses are high, they offer more capacity to store the material. They are better than a traditional warehouse for they take advantage of the space itself.


The system is so efficient that there are practically no errors when selecting the material, avoiding harming when moved.


An increase of movement and a better proportion between movement and number of workers have been noticed. That means there is a possibility of increasing the flow of material in the warehouse and consequently the sales.


The automatic inventory is constantly updated, specially The software for dealings in the automatic warehouse which has all the information related to the material and its movement at disposal, something fundamental for searching and tracing.