Tau Metalli s.r.l.

The beginning of a great history

TAU METALLI was founded in 1981 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio; at the beginning the company was on a 700 square meters area and it was run by 3 people. After a few years the company needed more space and for this reason, in 1985, it was decided to move to Castegnato in a warehouse of 1.250 square meters with 12 workers. In the 90s the development was important and the space, which had seemed to be enough up to then, became too small and a second moving was necessary. The third premises of Tau Metalli were built in Castegnato again: the area occupied by the plant, the offices and the green zone was of 16,000 square meters, including 7,250 square meters of warehouse and 700 square meters of office space.

The Specialization

The growth continued and Tau Metalli, after 12 years had to take a decision: going on trading generic semi finished non ferrous metals, or specializing. At that point the mission was clear and the Management decided to completely change its core business by focusing overall on the sale of aluminium for mechanical applications, thus leaving the field of aluminium profiles for buildings.

Company Area

Offices Area


Automation investment

The Experience

Years of experience, the best guarantee for the customer, has allowed Tau Metalli to increase its know-how in order to be competitive on its own reference market.

Each staff member in Tau Metalli is aware of importance of these professional skills and constantly strives to check both products quality and Customer Service.

Quality Service

The company, dealing mainly in aluminium, grew up and over the time it proved to be in high rankings in terms of quality, range and turnover. The experience was significant, the sales force was fully skilled, the quality of service was recognized, the choice of the best suppliers on the market was established, but the spaces were limited and inadequate, again.

Tau Metalli decided to take up a new challenge by focusing on logistic automation: it built a new plant in Travagliato, in the centre of the most industrialized area of Italy (80 Km East of Milan), where it installed 2 completely automated warehouses for stocking materials, one for bars, the other one for big –plates.