Our Services

Quality, quantity and assortment are consolidated items,
so are 17,000 customers who can prove it.

Cutting lines and complementary services

16 lines of automatic cut, either made by steel band or disc, are the secret of one of the most modern distributors of non ferrous metals in Europe

Tau Metalli s.r.l. adds year by year a series of complementary services to the high quality of their products so as to satisfy every single customer need. These services were developed at the same pace of the growing Italian and international markets.
They are flexible, easy to follow and sometimes anticipate the changes requested by clients.

Cut on order

We want to devote some words to another important aspect of Tau Metalli: Types of cut on order of semi work, profile due to design, sheet , slab and discs.
At our premises seven steel bands centres are used to cut semi work either round, square, plain, hexagon or various profiles, seven band steel centres for cuttings, out of which 4 are totally automatic, working from a minimum dimension until getting a 800 mm thickness, while other disc cut centres are used when special finishing is needed like profile on design or special series.


Cut on order

Talking about sheets and slabs we can find 9 cut lines that guarantee speed and delivery, producing nowadays around 15 tons of cut per day, thickness reaching up to 1,000 mm. These are placed from the centre of the cut for discs proceeding from slabs, they can be made from a minimum thickness of 3 mm to a maximum of 300 mm, all for diameters comprising between 430 mm and 2,000 mm.

Withdrawal of Material

The merchandise is reserved on an appropriate bay of the automatic warehouse till it is taken, the place is controlled by a group of active people who are aware of the clients’ demands; for those operations and for the internal movement of the material we have various “frontal forklift”, with a capacity ranging from 4,3 tons up to 7, some “transversal forklift” from 2 tons of capacity up to 5,5 tons, seven “bridge cranes”, three “ bicycle cranes”, seven “magnetic lifts”, windlass and “vacuum cups”.

Automatic Warehouse

The flexibility and the organization of the warehouse is totally automatic ready to prepare the material, it is also backed up by 7 motor vehicles that are daily sent along the national territory so as to hand out more than 45 tons of material and also by several couriers either traditional or express.

Quality Control

So as to guarantee quality, Tau Metalli employs a group of people devoted exclusively to the control, the acceptance of the material received and to the corresponding assignment of a cycle of entry. This code bar – code based, follows every kind of material handled , giving a constant guarantee up to the moment it is sold , because our data processing system prints automatically and at the same time, the document of transport and the certificate of analysis of the product itself.